The Universe is Radiant

Reimagining Mnemosyne

Unfinished Systems of Non-Knowledge, Part 2: On Wandering, a three-day public event curated by Christel Vesters February 10, 2018



Departing from Roger Caillois’ proposition for a 'diagonal science', the lecture discusses art practices, which enact and revisit forms of visual knowledge as inaugurated by Aby Warburg’s last project the Atlas Mnemosyne. I will explore Batia Suter’s Parallel Encyclopedia I and II (2008, 2016) and its promise of another type, parallel, or diagonal knowledge through the open resonance with the structures of devices as the encyclopedia, the atlas, and the map. Parallel Encyclopedia works with the weight of the photographic image as a document, found image, fragment, and its relationship to memory as a cumulative and entropic process.

Image: Batia Suter