(a Landscape Dreaming its) Corrosive Dreams

catalogue text on Alexandra Navratil's Silbersee In: Remembering Landscape, Museum for Contemporary Art, Siegen, 2018


catalogue text

Erosion, corrosion, exhaustion, and dissolution are irreversible entropic processes. They are the counterpoint of processes of advanced capitalism - accumulation, production, and acceleration. Silbersee is undoubtedly a reflection on the devastating effects of industrial pollution. But besides, or more precisely, simultaneously with the factual, one could say documentary weight of those images, there is another conceptual figure of time emerging - it places us in a deep, inhuman, crystalline time of irreversible transformation. The polluted landscape becomes figure with significance on a more abstract level. Accumulation and destruction, material and matter, the time of progress, the future and the past with its fragments and ruins; it is precisely the conceptual loci of history, or of humanity, and the horizon of its progress with its devastating effects, which are joined by the crystalline thought of matter itself. (excerpt)

March, 2018