Oblique Gardens

Play SMBA artists presentation and conversation 3 May, 2016


round table

This Tuesday, Play SMBA focuses on Morocco’s relatively unknown art scene by means of artist presentations by Randa Maroufi, a Moroccan artist currently working in Amsterdam as BijlmAIR-resident and Heidi Vogels, a Dutch artist working on a long-term research project in Morocco.

After a series of short presentations, the artists will share perspectives on their artistic works and practice in Morocco in conversation with theorist Alena Alexandrova, who will respond to the works of the artists departing from her own research. The conversation will reflect upon questions of space and (re-)presentation, history, and fragments of experience, which enable the emergence and continuous construction of micro-narratives, forming what we call “identity”. The couples private-public, present-past, inside-outside, virtual-real, characteristic for Maroufi’s and Vogels’s artistic practice, will both serve as anchor points of the discussion and will be put under pressure.