On Several Unfinished Thoughts

Home Sequence,14 - 15 July 2018


reading performance

“We’re constantly correcting, and correcting ourselves, most rigorously, because we recognize at every moment that we did it all wrong (wrote it, thought it, made it all wrong), acted all wrong, how we acted all wrong, that everything to this point in time is a falsification and we correct this falsification, and then we again correct the correction of this falsification and we correct the result of the correction of a correction andsoforth, so Roithamer.” Thomas Bernhard, Correction

The reading performance re-traces the gestures of a strange group of tragic and ecstatic characters in a network of literary fragments. Such characters touch the anarchy of thinking, and the oppressive, yet productive paradox of constructions.

Home Sequence

During this weekend artists temporarily transform their homes into exhibition spaces. Home Sequence is framed by a series of invitations from artist to artist, who either exhibit together in one home or each in their own homes. As such this expanded group exhibition is imagined to cast an open net that connects a route through the city. 

The initial idea for Home Sequence comes from an impulse to instantly make an exhibition. The most immediate way to accomplish this appears to be the use of the spaces we already inhabit.

Home Sequence is a gesture that addresses the politics of space and representation, inverting the role of the artist as guest in public space to that of host in private space. It is simultaneously a withdrawal from public space and a making of one’s own space public through an invitation. Home Sequence is an experiment that aims to unsettle the relations between the public and intimate space of dwelling, without knowing where this experiment will lead. We hope that such an exhibition will provide ground for a sort of a neighbourhood to emerge – one that could continue on the basis of an immaterial topography of mutual affinities that might quietly already exist.

Home Sequence is initiated and organized by Sascha Pohle and Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec